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Diploma In Pharmacy (D Pharm)
About the course:
  The course of study in Diploma in Pharmacy comprises of Part-I and Part-II. There shall be an examination in the first year on the subjects of Part-I and an examination in the second year comprising the Part-II subjects.
Duration of the course

The course of academic training is of 2 years duration with minimum of 180 working days per year followed by a practical training not less than 500 hours covered in around 3 months. Curriculum:

  PART - I
Subject No. of hours of Practical No. of hours
Pharmaceutics-I 75 100
Pharmaceutical Chemistry-I 75 75
Pharmacognosy 75 75
Biochemistry and Clinical 50 75
Human Anatomy and Physiology 75 50
Health Education and Community Pharmacy 50 -
Total 400 375=775
Subject No. of hours of theory No. of hours of Practical
Pharmaceutics-II 75 100
Pharmaceutical Chemistry-II 100 75
Pharmacology and Toxicology 75 50
Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence 50 -
Drug Store and Business Management 75 -
Hospital and clinical pharmacy 75 50
Total 450 275=725
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